Recently Offered Special-Topics Courses (CS-780s)

Advanced Object-Oriented Programming
Algorithms for Real-Time Computing
Approximation Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence
Biometric Security and Privacy
Computer Networking and Internet
Computer Vision
Cryptography II
Data Mining / Warehousing
Genetic Algorithms
Graphical Models
Heterogeneous Distributed Applications
Human-Computer Interaction and Accessibility Technology
Image Processing
Information and Computer Security
Information Organization & Retrieval
Internet Security
Internet Technology & Web Design
Logic Design Laboratory
Machine Learning
Machine Learning in Image Analysis
Machine Learning in Quantitative Finance
Modeling and Simulation
Natural Language Processing
Next Generation Networking Services
Numerical Methods
Object-Oriented Databases
Python Programming and Text Processing
Quantum Computing
Quantum Computing II
Randomized Algorithms
Software Development
Software Engineering
Spatio-Temporal Data Modeling and Databases
Spoken Language Processing
Voice Over Internet Protocols / Wireless Local-Area Networks
Wireless Networking